II Iberian Mathematical Meeting

Badajoz, October 3-5, 2008


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Algebra and Algebraic Methods:

  • An application of Lie Theory to deal with some problems in Economics. Isabel Hernández, Consuelo Mateos, Juan Núñez, Angel F. Tenorio

  • An Observation on the Sum of Squares Question. Carla Fidalgo

  • Clifford codes and fully ramified characters. Alejandro P. Nicolás, Consuelo Martínez López, Markus Grassl

  • Homology of Leibniz N-algebras. J. M. Casas

  • Modules, ideals and their Rees algebras. Ana Luísa Correia, Santiago Zarzuela

  • On the simplicity and some identities of a ternary quaternion algebra and its reduced algebras. Patrícia D. Beites

  • Solvable and Nilpotent Algebras With Bracket. J. M. Casas, C. Fonseca

  • Some additive results on Drazin Inverses. R.E. Hartwig, Pedro Patricio

  • Structural patterns of autotopisms of maximum rank. Raúl Manuel Falcón Ganfornina

  • The exponential map of an algebraic vector field. José Navarro, Carlos Sancho, Pedro Sancho

  • Generalized circulant matrix in coupled map lattice. D. Sotelo Herrera, J. San Martín, D. Rodríguez-Pérez, I. Uña, F. J. López de Elorriaga

  • Indispensable binomials in toric ideals. Ignacio Ojeda, Alberto Vigneron-Tenorio

  • Matrix representation of period doubling cascade. L. Cerrada, J. San Martín, A. González, M. J. Moscoso, A. Castex

Statistics and Biometry:

  • A Bertalanffy diffusion model. Ramón Gutiérrez Jáimez, Patricia Román Román, Desirée Romero Molina, Francisco de Asís Torres Ruiz

  • A bivariate replacement policy for systems with a limited number of repairs. Eva López Sanjuán, Inmaculada Torres Castro

  • A data-based method for choosing the number of pilot stages for plug-in bandwidth selection. José E. Chacón, Carlos Tenreiro

  • Accessing the impact of ecological bias in ecological studies. Isabel Natário, M. Lucília Carvalho

  • Bayesian analysis for exponential families by using mixtures of prior distributions. M. J. Rufo, J. Martín, C. J. Pérez

  • Determining the optimum calibration point in estimating the distribution function. S. Martínez-Puertas, M. Rueda, H. Martínez-Puertas

  • Filtering and fixed-point smoothing algorithms for systems with multiplicative and additive noises. M.J. García-Ligero, A. Hermoso-Carazo, J. Linares-Pérez, S. Nakamori

  • Improving models for the prediction of liquid saturation densities. M. Isabel Parra Arévalo, Ángel Mulero

  • Meta-analytical assessment of predictive values of positive an negative immunohistochemical markers of desmoplastic melanoma. Dinis Pestana, Fernando Sequeira, Luis Soares de Almeida

  • Nonlinear estimation in systems with uncertain observations with correlation in the uncertainty. A. Hermoso-Carazo, J. Linares-Pérez

  • On the L2-convergence in a class of homogeneous multitype Markov chains. M. González, R. Martínez, M. Mota

  • Partial sufficiency and density estimation. J. E. Chacón, J. Montanero, A. G. Nogales, P. Pérez

  • Signal smoothing via mixture approximations from uncertain observations with signal-noise correlation. A. Hermoso-Carazo, J.D. Jiménez-López, J. Linares-Pérez

  • Some contributions to the theory of discrete time birth-death branching processes. Manuel Molina, Manuel Mota, Alfonso Ramos

  • Stochastic square- Brennan- Schwartz diffusion process: Statistical inference. R. Gutiérrez, A. Nafidi, R. Gutiérrez-Sánchez

  • The problem of matching two configurations by using a Bayesian non-linear model. J. M. Marin, C. Nieto

  • Weighted Conditional Least Squares Estimation in Bisexual Branching Processes with Immigration. M. González, C. Gutiérrez, M. Mota, I. del Puerto

Functional Analysis:

  • C*-algebras of Singular Integral Operators with Shifts Having a Nonempty Set of Fixed Points. C.A. Fernandes

  • Chord in the sphere, middle points and inner product spaces. C. Benítez, D. Yáñez

  • Conorm and essential conorm in C*-algebras. María Burgos

  • On Nordlander’s conjecture in the three-dimensional case. G. Chelidze

  • On the quasi-greedy orthonormal basis in $L^{p(t)}([0,1])$ Spaces. A. Danelia

  • Fredholm theory for periodic diffraction boundary-value problems of first order. A. Moura Santos

  • Interval neutrosophic sets and topology. F.G. Lupiáñez

  • Invertibility for a class of convolution type operators and solutions for associated corona problems with n-AP data. Paulo A. Lopes

  • Maximum-likelihood estimation of functional parameters. M.D. Ruiz-Medina. R. Salmerón

  • On an estimate for the dimension of the kernel of a singular integral operator with a non-Carleman shift. Viktor G. Kravchenko, Rui C. Marreiros

  • On the Distribution of zeros of Entire Exponential Type Almost-Periodic Functions. Gaspar Mora Martínez, Juan Matias Sepulcre Martínez

  • The Dzhuraev's formulas and Bergman kind projections withcontinuous coefficients on domains with non smooth boundary. Luís V. Pessoa