II Iberian Mathematical Meeting

Badajoz, October 3-5, 2008


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  • Josep Álvarez Montaner (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. Spain): D-modules in positive characteristic and Frobenius descent.
  • Amelia Álvarez Sánchez (Universidad de Extremadura. Spain): Geometric calculation of the invariant integral of classical groups.
  • Carlos A.M. André (Universidade de Lisboa. Portugal): Supercharacters theories for finite linear p-groups.
  •  B

  • Jesús Bastero (Universidad de Zaragoza. Spain): High dimensional sections and projections of convex bodies and the isotropy constant.
  • Jorge J. Betancor (Universidad de La Laguna. Spain): Banach spaces and harmonic analysis associated with Laguerre and Bessel operators.
  • José Bonet (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Spain): Parameter dependence of solutions of differential equations on spaces of distributions.
  • Carlos A. Braumann (Universidade de Évora. Portugal): Growth and Extinction of Populations and Individuals in Randomly Varying Environments.
  • Rafael Bravo de la Parra (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Spain): Approximate Aggregation Methods and Applications to Population Dynamics
  •  C

  • Carmen Cadarso Suárez (Universidad de de Santiago de Compostela. Spain): Use of Generalized Additive Models in studies of association, prediction, and classification.
  • António M. Caetano (Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal): Function spaces and Hausdorff dimension on fractals.
  • Fernando Cobos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain): Approximation and entropy numbers in Besov spaces of generalized smoothness.
  •  E

  • Mario Jorge Edmundo (CMAF Universidade de Lisboa. Portugal): Connections between real algebra and logic.
  •  G

  • Pedro A. García-Sánchez (Universidad de Granada. Spain): Irreducible numerical semigroups.
  • María Ivette Gomes (Universidade de Lisboa. Portugal): Statistics of Extremes under Censoring Schemes.
  •  K

  • Alexei Karlovich (Universidade Nueva de Lisboa. Portugal): Asymptotics of Toeplitz matrices: recent results.
  • Wieslaw Kubis (Czech Academy of Sciences):  Universal Banach spaces with a projectional resolution of theidentity: category-theoretic approach.
  •  L

  • Christian Lomp (Universidade de Porto. Portugal): Regular and biregular smash products
  • Jesús López-Fidalgo (Universidad de Castilla la Mancha. Spain): Optimal designs for models with potential censoring.
  •  M

  • Manuel Maestre (Universidad de Valencia. Spain): Bishop-Phelps Theorem for operators
  • Antonio Malheiro (Universidade Nueva de Lisboa. Portugal): On finite complete rewriting systems and completely 0-simple semigroups.
  • Luis Meira Machado (Universidade do Minho. Portugal): Inference in multi-state survival data.
  • Ana F. Militino (Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain): Ensuring the additivity property for estimating the total tree biomass.
  • Fernando Montaner (Universidad de Zaragoza. Spain): Polynomial identities in Jordan systems.


  •  P

  • Carlos Daniel Paulino (Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa. Portugal): Bayesian analysis of allelic penetrance models for complex binary traits.
  • Francesc Perera (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Spain): The Cuntz semigroup and its impact into classification.
  • José Petronilho (Universidade de Coimbra. Portugal): On some inverse problems in the theory of orthogonal polynomials and their connections with Jacobi operators.
  • Arthur Pewsey (Universidad de Extremadura. Spain): On a family of circular distributions due to Batschelet
  •  R

  • Carlos Correia Ramos (Universidade de Évora. Portugal): Cuntz-Krieger sub-algebras and orbit representations.
  • Antonio Rojas-León (Universidad de Sevilla. Spain): On certain families of partial exponential sums.
  •  S

  • Gerardo Sanz (Universidad de Zaragoza. Spain): Competition models and other probabilistic cellular automata.
  • Pedro V. Silva (Universidade de Porto. Portugal): Conjugacy in virtually free groups.
  • Frank Olme Speck (Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa. Portugal): Operator factorization, matrix identities and normalization.
  •  T

  • Carlos Tenreiro (Universidade de Coimbra. Portugal): Location-scale invariant Bickel-Rosenblatt tests and their application to assessing multivariate normality.
  •  V

  • Joana Ventura (Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa. Portugal): Classifying saturated fusion systems over 2-groups.
  • Ignacio Villanueva (Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain): Functional Analysis in Quantum Information: some results
  • Susana Vinga (INESC-ID, Portugal):  Dynamical analysis and design of biochemical kinetic networks